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IOS App: Testimonial.

WARNING. Adult Content.


Tricks and Features:

Welcome to the advanced features for the PT Chat app for the iPhone. We’re going to describe a few ways to make your tricks trickier.


The Slide.

In the basic version you tap your card and then your suit but you may have already discovered that you can actually slide from the card to the suit in one quick motion. If you release as your suit is highlighted that is the suit that will be “magically predicted” later.

The suit rows extend all the way up vertically from the bottom row. Touch your card, slide to the suit position and let it go. If your chosen card is the 10 of spades, hit the 10, slide to the spades row. You’re done. If your card is in the same row as your suit, I.E. ten of diamonds, all you do is hit the 10. It’s in the diamond row. You’re done with the work. Sit back and enjoy the oncoming amazement.


Fun with Settings.

Click on the Settings icon on your iPhone. Scroll down to PT Chat and tap it. At the top of the list that pops up is “Host’s Name.” This time it’s personal. Type your name here and every now and then we will use your name in a reply. We’re your real fake friends so we’ll use whatever name you want. Always wanted your nickname to be “Rabbit?” Type it in and that’s what we’ll call you, Rabbit.

LOOK! THIS IS ONE OF THE COOLEST FEATURES: “Victim’s Name.” You type in a name, we use it. This is really, really disturbing. Not only does your pal Teller or Penn get the card right – he calls the victim by NAME. We often put this in on the last line as a kicker to the trick.

Then we come to “Advanced Menu View.” Turning this on will cause your card icon page to look exactly like the standard first page on a new iPhone. You have to remember the value positions but if you do, you can perform your secret data entry on this page and even people looking at the screen won’t suspect that you’re entering secret data.


Customizable Responses.

Joker Responses.

You set these responses to pop up in reply to your text message to us. You click that text there in the “Joker 1” and type in what you want Penn or Teller to say. Now when you hold down the Joker icon while one the card selection page a list of your entered responses will show up on the screen. Scroll up and release on the one you want to appear as a response to your text question for Penn or Teller.

You need Teller to back up your cockamamie story? Set one of the responses to cover you. “ Pretend your name is Steve. Your mate wants to know where you were last night. Have that mate text Teller:

“Were you with Steve last night?”

Teller responds with your message:

“Yeah, I was out with Steve last night. We did not TP your mother’s house.”

Or maybe Penn can back you up in a business deal. You type:

“They’ve offered me $15,000 for the Buick.”

Penn responds with your pre-selected message:

“Heck, I’ll give you twice that much for it.”

These responses will not be legally binding or helpful in a court of law.

BS Responses.

Right now they’re set with BS percentages but, again, you can customize these to whatever you want them to say. PLEASE try to respect us on this one. If we find out you are set one of our responses to, “Astrology is 110% real!!!” we will do everything within our power hunt you down and break your phone. And really, are you SURE we didn’t put some phone killer software in the program?

Favorite Responses.

Customizable. More places for you to mess with your friends. Right now they’re set to choose colors but make them your own.


I Hit The Wrong Card. Help!

You’re flying along doing the trick and you realize you’ve made a mistake. Maybe your mark said “Eight of Spades” but you heard and entered “Ace of Spades.” Now you’re at the texting page and headed for a magic trick disaster. At the top of the “Messages” page is the word “Messages.” If you touch that word your phone will back up to the data entry page. You’ll be right back at the card entry and ready to start over. Enter the card correctly this time and you’ll be back on track.

Get out there and amaze your friends. We trust you will use your newly found superpowers for good. Peace out.